• Past


    Guthrie Green’s space was once an industrial site and freight yard. Our old site required a removal of an old gas station where a total of 12 rusted fuel tanks and its contents were removed, and surrounding soil was reclaimed. A “dump” site has been transformed into a fun and thriving community space where everyone is welcomed.

  • Present & Future


    Since then, we have been putting extra “green” at the Green. Our park technology includes:

    • HPGX Geothermal well field
    • Solar Panels/Photovoltaic cells on the pavilion
    • Bioswales
    • LED lighting
    • Fountains run on a loop-system

    Underneath, our park’s geo-exchange system consists of 120 wells drilled to 500 feet depth, generating 600 tons of heating/cooling distributed through underground pipes to serve 120,000 square feet at the Tulsa Paper Company, Visual Arts Center, and the onsite park pavilion café and restrooms.

    The geo-exchange system circulates water to transfer the heat up from the earth in the winter and take heat down to the earth in the summer. Guthrie Green provides a prototype for incorporating geothermal exchange system into the park and streetscape as part of the neighborhood revitalization. This is roughly a 60% savings on billed energy to 120,000 sq. ft. of new and renovated space. In addition, these savings benefit 8 local Non-profit organizations.

    Solar panels sit atop of our north-end pavilion, and add to the overall energy grid for park operations. LED lighting in all areas of the park reduce energy usage and contribute to an environmentally friendly setting.

    We’re doing our part to make our community and world a better and happier place to live.

Keep the Green Thriving.

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